Iligan City, Philippines

2024 Earth Day School Fair

April 26, 2024

ILIGAN — One hundred thirty-five students from four different schools, along with their teachers, enthusiastically participated in the 2024 Earth Day School Fair at Bethany Baptist Academy in Iligan City, Philippines. The event kicked off with a Tree Walk, led by Forester Justin Maceda, which educated the kids about the significance of biodiversity and highlighted both native and exotic tree species. Following this educational walk, Galansiyang’s drone demonstrated the dispersal of 508 Narra (Pterocarpus indicus) Tree Earth Pills, showcasing the innovative approach to reforestation.

Later in the day, the event program featured the environmental and social advocacies of six startup companies. Dr. Takumi Jindo, from the Leave a Nest Group, delivered an inspiring keynote speech that provided insights into Japanese science culture and encouraged the kids to pursue science and technology in their lives. Subsequently, several startups took the stage: SIKAI discussed how etanom can connect people for tree planting initiatives, Galansiyang highlighted the revolutionary potential of drone reforestation, iBotika explored online medicine ordering to potentially save lives, Pic-a-Talk demonstrated their mobile app assisting kids with special needs, and Fresco showcased the empowering impact of urban farming using hydroponics.

In the afternoon, the students eagerly explored the startups’ booths, delving deeper into their technologies and business models. The funds generated during the event will be utilized for tree planting via etanom. Each student will have the opportunity to plant one tree during the rainy season (July-August) in Brgy. Mapulong, Naawan, Misamis Oriental, fostering growth and environmental stewardship.

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Planting Trees - Just Like the Bird!


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