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How Galansiyang Hatched

University spinoff

From Our Undergraduate Thesis

Inspired by the Asian Glossy Starling bird or Galansiyang in the local language, our team's research focused on biomimicry using drone technology to solve deforestation.

Our ideas were turned into reality with the help of faculty and advisers from the Computer Applications Department of the College of Computer Studies in Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), Philippines.

Final Defense, (2018). Three of Galansiyang’s co-founders: Jay Gajudo, Maynard Costanilla, and Joshua Fernandez; take a picture with their panel of advisers after successfully defending their undergraduate thesis. (From left to right, Prof. Ernesto Empig, Ph.D sustainable development, Joel Maino, M.Sci. computer applications, Prof. Janace Polizon-Manubag, Ph.D Plant Biology and Ofelia Mendoza M.Sci.)

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The Founding Team

Jay Gajudo

Chief Executive Officer

Maynard Costanilla

Chief Operating Officer

Joshua Fernandez

Chief Development Officer

Jiko Colita

Chief Remote Pilot

Planting Trees - Just Like the Bird!


4th street, Palao, Iligan City, Philippines 9200

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